Siggi’s an me, we got a thing

I’ve been quite enamored of Siggi’s skyr as of late. This is a type of Icelandic yogurt that is made from skim milk. Naturally, as is the case with most of the good things in my life (Spain, jamón, garnatxa, byproducts of jetlag) I would have never found it without eagle-eyed scouting of Editor in Chief when she arrived in NYC two days before me. She likes it because she loves yogurts and this one is not overly sweet. I like it because it’s like doing a shot of milk and is one of the more unique things I’ve eaten in awhile.

You see, there is no fat to this yogurt, so it’s an intense bolt of dairy with high protein that even eating just one little cup of it feels like a whole meal. Naturally, there are a number of flavors, but true to the “bullshit-less” method with which Siggi Hilmarsson makes the product, the flavors are very subdued. Quite frankly, I’m shocked that it seems to have caught on as well as it has in the US and you can easily find it at multiple stores in San Francisco despite being an Upstate New York product. But, for those looking for an alternative to Dannon’s sugary fruitsplosion quasi-yogurt offer, I highly recommend checking it out.