Shopping for Clothes

Shopping for clothes can be tough for me. For one thing, the people who make the clothes, or at least the ones who purchase them for the stores, don’t apparently think that anyone can be as tall as I am and be a trim as I am. It seems like to be 6’3″ you need to weigh 250 pounds and then they’ll have clothes that fit. The biggest irony in all of this is that I have the same dimensions as the models they use, yet still no clothes for moi.

But as I was shopping in Zara (which is one of the places I like these days as it doesn’t have faux-PWT/Ashton clothes) I saw two girls down in the men’s section trying on stuff. I’m guessing that they were a lesbian couple and that’s fine and all, but why the hell are they trying on men’s clothing?!! This stuff doesn’t fit women right. We don’t have the hips and chests that woman do as well as the fact our shoulders are broader. I’ve never gotten over this one. I’ve lesbian friends who are thrilled to get any of my old jeans to wear despite the fat they hang off them completely wrong. What is this, payback for all the male cross dressers that shop at women’s stores? Let’s be honest, I could go to a pet store and probably find a doggie sweater for a Labrador that I could fit in to, but it’s going to look like crap on me. Do I buy it just because?

Of course, after I met back up with the girlfriend in the women’s department, I realized that maybe they were afraid of this.