I’m currently in Spain, eventually en route to Maker Faire Africa in Accra, Ghana. This should be big. Not my attendance on behalf of Maneno per se, but the actual fair itself. The whole idea of celebrating African innovation has been long needed. I’ll be writing as much as I can from there, as well as photographing everything in sight. Still in the need to find lodging, especially as I arrive a few days before everyone else and I plan to meander around the country a for some days prior to the fair.
One bit I noticed on the BBC, was an article about African innovation, which had a decently lengthy interview with William Kamkwamba. While they didn’t mention Maker Faire in the article, it was nice to see a positive article about Africa on the BBC for once. Typically, their coverage is atrocious and they even search off the continent and go out of their way to find negative things, such as this article which is about something that happened in the US.
At any rate, I’ve got about two weeks to go before hitting the streets of Ghana and fattening up because the food looks delicious. In case you don’t believe me, check out the No Reservations series on Ghana that someone kindly broke down in to five parts and scrumptiously posted to YouTube.
Making my way to Maker Faire Africa