S’ha acabat el Bròquil.

S'ha acabat el Bròquil.

The broccoli is finished. Return your trays to the upright position, the trip is over.

The Catalans have any number of genius phrases based around food, but this has to be my second favorite, meaning that whatever your talking about is finished. I’ll do a whole article at some point as they have some genius food-related sayings. But that’s it. This 2008 adventure through The Europe has drawn to a close.

I saw a lot of new locations and wrote a lot more than last year. I also went to Africa for the first time, which was a big of a big deal. Then of course there was the whole wedding as well.

It was an eventful couple of months (at the end of one hell of an eventful year) and now it’s good to be back home. I do have to admit that I’ve been back home for a few days now and the blog is a bit of a temporal liar, but I can’t bring myself to rush articles or put them out of sequence. That and I left out the whole Global Voices Summit which I still need to delve in to in depth as there was a lot of meat put on my plate there.

My biggest and most pleasing shock in all of this is to find out that people really do read my blog and were surprised to find that I was in Hungary when I was because the blog said I was in the Czech Republic. The fact that this hobby project actually has some use is thrilling. It almost makes me want to start using Twitter for updates when I’m in net-less regions of the world, except that Twitter is about as reliable these days as a drunken carrier pigeon.

But anyways, it’s good to be back and enjoying San Francisco during the absence of art students in my neighborhood. It’s like how I used to remember the place when I moved here half a decade ago. Ah, the good old days. Now where’s my broom to start shaking at people who bother me…