SF Wine Bars

I haven’t been to every single one in existence, but I’ve covered a few and seeing as how it’s Saint Paddy’s today, I figured I might as well delve in to some booze business. Also, we’ve had a few of these spring up lately and I gotta say that they’re a great alternative to the normal bars. Are you gonna get a hookup with mad digits there? Probably not. But you will find a great place to meet friends and be mellow.
The Hidden Vine is a place you really can’t go wrong with. They’ve got a great selection of wines by the glass and the bottle. Their monthly featured wines are always fun and tasty. The food bits are great. The atmosphere is cozy and small. It’s got big, plushy chairs and a lot of carpet. Modern it is not. Inviting it is. Always a winner with friends and I. Oh, check out “bottle night” on Fridays where they give a discount on whole bottles and make it a screaming deal to go there.
Hotel Biron is also a winner. The only reason I’d go to it over Vine is that it’s a 25 minute walk from me, whereas Vine is 5 minutes. Once again, a great selection of wines and great things to eat. A tad more expensive than Vine, but not that much really. The interior isn’t as cozy, but it’s modern in this rundown kind of way which is really endearing and quite nice. Because it’s hidden back on Rose Street, it feels like this back alley speakeasy that only special people know about, when really, anyone who likes the grape is there.
Cav can only be better than the other two in the food it serves. I’ve not had it, but saw others getting the grub and it looked/smelled awesome. Their wine list is not. I had nothing there that I liked and they are pricey with very small pours. Maybe they have expensive rent over in Deco Ghetto for their very modern (and quite cold) interior, but it really doesn’t seem justified. Tons of people like it though. Maybe they know nothing about wine and service, or maybe I don’t. Whatever the case, I found it to be expensive, uninviting, and loud. I mean, really, who gets seated at a bar?!! Also, with all of the extra service, it still took three times to get my bill correct.