SF Dachshund Owners are Odder than their Dogs

SF Dachshund Owners are Odder than their Dogs

Seeing as how I can’t have a dog in my apartment and the family dachshund is old and back in Spain, I often have to get out to doggy events to enjoy all the fun of dog ownership without actually having to scoop up any crap. Last Fall, I hit up the Pug Sunday. I was a little hesitant about it at first as I wasn’t sure how people would react. We brought some treats just in case both dogs and owners were cool with the dogs getting treats. As it turns out, they were. In fact, they highly encouraged it because man, that’s treats they don’t have to buy and those puggies love them treats like crazy. The dogs ran around, people chatted, and it was a generally good time; photographic proof here.

Seeing as how dachshunds are cool and there is a dachshund event much like the pug one, except out at Pine Lake Dog Park in the Sunset, we went out to it. Things were a bit different though. For starters, I discovered that San Francisco dachshund owners are really weird. They baby, protect, shield, and smother their dogs like the worst parents you can imagine. I mean, they’re dogs. When it comes to Black back in Spain, he basically gets to run around where he wants to and we only hold him back if he’s about to run in front of a car. He could care less about getting anyone’s attention, but if people want to try and pet him, they can. Hell, he even has his own Facebook page. He’s got a lot of freedom.

Very quickly, things went downhill for us at the meet up though. We brought along treats again and very quickly the dogs found them in a coat pocket. Assuming that this must be okay and emboldened by previous pug experiences, we offered up one of the treats to one of the dogs. This got the immediate response of his owner running up screaming, “Don’t feed my dog! Don’t feed my dog! He has strict dietary considerations! What did you give him?!!” I was tempted to answer “Chocolate laced with methamphetamine. Why? They love it.” but I thought better and told her it was just this basic doggy treat thing, which she proclaimed terrible and then went to scoop out of the dogs mouth.

Now, I fully admit that we were at fault in giving a dog a treat he so desperately wanted, but at the same time, this woman was nuts. For starters, these treats are nothing big. They’re just meat stuff that every dog on the face of the earth loves. But while the goodness fact can be debated, what in the hell was this dog doing outside if he’s that fragile? Dogs are dirty, dirty creatures. They’ll eat anything they find, including crap by other animals. They also love licking either their own genitalia, or other dog ass. It was just an example of how over protective, over bearing, and just ridiculous some of these people were.

Of course, after that point, we were labeled as, “the feeders” by everyone’s eyes who saw this woman go nuts. Thankfully, she took off quite soon, probably to force her dog to vomit lest he lose his dainty figure and not be able to perform in the doggy ballet. More doggies filled in and it was interesting to see that in addition to dachshunds coming in an insane amount of variations (like this crazy guy), they also come in a lot of personalities. They can be quite stuck up and foul-tempered or they can be very friendly and outgoing. I guess that’s the bad part about the breed is that in addition to all the health problems they have later in life, it’s really a roll of the dice to know if you’ll end up with a lover or a fighter, although whatever the result, the dog will always be cute.

As the dogs started to disperse, we did meet some nice folks at the end. One couple came with three dachshunds and a French bulldog they were watching for their daughter. They were nice folks and we had a good chat about all things dachshund as well as finding out that French bulldogs are a pretty awesome breed. Would I attend another one of these dachshund things knowing what I know now? Most probably not, but you can see all the photos of the event. The Frenchie Friday however sounds most appealing, although we will keep the treat giving in check.