The not-a-freakin-surprise internet map

The BBC has put together a nice, animated map showing how internet penetration has spread over the world up through 2008 (not sure why 2009 is the ugly stepchild year in all of this.) As is usual, the big blank spot on there is Africa, with the exception of Morocco, who seem to be doing pretty well, most likely due to the proximity to Spain which allows cable to be deployed quite rapidly.
Nothing on this map should come as a surprise to anyone following African technology and it’s all part of the BBC’s large SuperPower report they’re doing on how the net is changing lives around the world. But, that said, it’s not changing the lives of too many in DR Congo with the 0.45% penetration rate there that they even make special note of, although I assume that will change a good deal once their inland cable reaches Kinshasa and potentially, 10 million new users. Also on that note, not including 2009 really skews things a just a wee bit as the East African cables have changed the game a great deal on that side of the continent.
Anyways, a map worth a look is you enjoy all thingies animated.
The not-a-freakin-surprise internet map

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