Severe lack of cold living ability

Today as I was checking out the half-price tickets in Union Square (of which there were only four shows, what’s up with that?!!) some guy was talking to another and they were blabbing about how cold it was and how hard it is to deal with it.
You call this cold? Please… In my hometown it would get to 25F on a regular basis. Now that is pretty cold. I’ve also had girlfriends from Norway and Russia. Talk to them about what cold actually it. When you spit and it freezes before it hits the ground, that’s cold.
When it’s 50F with a chance of rain, that’s just not cold. In fact, to me it seems downright comfortable. I really like the colder weather. It makes me walk faster and think more clearly. When it’s hot, I turn into lumpy soup and am totally worthless.
I think I’m going to sponsor a new Proposition for the next election, which automatically deports anyone who complains about the “cold” in San Francisco to a temporary assignment, covering seal migrations off the coast of Siberia.