Sequel Worthy

If you haven’t seen it, L’Auberge Espagnole (also called, The Spanish Apartment or Pot Luck) is a great film that didn’t get a lot of play in the US. I was fortunate to see it at the London premiere of the film. This also happened to be my first time in Europe, so naturally it gave me a certain affinity for the film. But really, it’s a great film. Yes, there are a good number of subtitles, but if those bother you, I’m going to start writing articles in Croatian, just because.
Now I’ve finally gotten around to seeing the sequel, Les Poupées Russes (also called The Russian Dolls) which is a damn fine sequel to the first. It gets the same spirit of L’Auberge, but at the same time is really able to propel the story ahead and show a natural progression of their lives. Once again, I’m not sure why it didn’t get a lot of play in the US, but I blame the subtitles and the fact that Lindsay Lohan can’t read. I don’t know why the later other than, just because.