Screw You Aronofsky

Well, it’s finally out, the trailer (teaser) for Aronofsky’s forthcoming film, The Fountain.
I have only one this to say to Darren, “Screw You!” Where did this guy come from? He’s such an insanely brilliant filmmaker that it’s like Kubrick shat all his cinematic beauty into this new being to create. But that’s not really fair, since Darren does his own thing and it’s amazing, but still he’s like a new Kubrick. He’s that good. ‘Requiem for a Dream’ is a hard film to watch, but it’s brilliant. I don’t know how his latest will pan out, but my guess is that it will also be amazing, especially since he an Brad Pitt parted ways when they first started shooting. I can’t believe that Brad would have issues with Aronofsky’s style or creative direction. That’s like the time Madonna tried to tell Annie Leibovitz how to take a portrait of her. It’s always a measure of how big someone things they’ve gotten when they can’t compromise. Brad’s probably going to go down if ‘Troy’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ are any indication, while Darren can’t go anywhere but up. I just can’t wait for this film now. Damn it looks good.