Scott Stapp is an Ent

Did you ever watch Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers? If yes, then great. If not, go watch it, it’s just as good as the first and the third and you’re an idiot if you skipped it because, well, just because. Anyways, there were these ancient tree characters in there called The Ents. They talked really slow and really deep. Pretty annoying really, but in some way, Scott Stapp must have been related to them.
You see, I found Creed to be insanely annoying. That was partly due to the Christian wannabe rock aspect of them, but also because of the deep, “I’m like Eddie Vedder, but without any soul” sound to Scott Stapp’s singing. It was grating then and it’s like vomit on a sidewalk now that he’s doing his solo thing that sure sounds a lot like Creed. It’s like they’ve featured his voice even more with the solo project and I guess it must be some marketing “guru” that thought that was a great idea. Fine, so be it, but with the reports of his rather ridiculous amount of drinking and getting in fights (311, Beth Ostrosky) he must be incomprehensible. “Hey Scott, how are you doing?” “I’mmmmm…. druuuuuuunk…. druuuuuuunk…. druuuuu” You get the idea.