Schwarzenegger is Brilliant

For those who don’t know, Arnold Schwarzenegger happens to be a very brilliant actor. Those aware of his moment in Eraser where after many attempts to have a “Deep” moment with Vanessa Williams, after one too many cuts, he finally yelled out, “I’m not an actor!” should take heed. For, accusing him of flubbing lines and sounding about as smart a lump of cheese at times, is ridiculous. And to support my argument, I submit this evidence:

I mean look at that. Okay, I admit that it’s not perfect Shakespeare, but it’s surprisingly good for an action actor. Oh yeah, it happens to be in Spanish as well, because we all know that Arnold is pretty awful in English. I don’t know why he hasn’t stuck to Spanish all this time as he is much better in it than English and it would have gone over even better with the Hispanic population in the last election. Oh and in case, you were wondering what his line of ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ would be in Spanish (since it loses something when speaking Spanish lines in Spanish), check out this.
But, it all seriousness, it is obviously the overdubber that gives Arnold a better tone in Spanish. It’s quite funny actually, since in Spain all of his movies are dubbed in to Spanish and it’s always the same guy doing it, so people thought that Arnold actually sounded like that or something like that. It came as a rude shock once he became governor (again, I still have trouble accepting this) of California and they suddenly heard what he really sounds like. And naturally, a great many of us cried as he was sworn in to office as the first governor of the state unable to say the name of it correctly. Viv l’Kalifohrniya!