I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you’re pathetic, lazy, and kinda dumb if you protest a war in San Francisco. For those who don’t understand why this is the case, picture yourself in a Las Vegas casino yelling out, “I LOVE GAMBLING!” Now, do this for several hours and you’ll see my point. Hey, maybe you’ll get helicopters circling around you when you do this as well, but for some reason, I highly doubt it.

I’m am thoroughly anti-war and anti-Bush policies in general (as it appears a growing number of his party are as well) but I don’t go to these damned protests like the one yesterday that had 10,000 people at it. Why am I so jaded? Simple. The people who need to be affected by the message these people are trying to send are not here and where they are, they usually don’t see the news about these protests. If all these day trippers from Berkeley or wherever else hopped in their Subaru Outbacks or Volvos and headed for the Midwest, then we’d have something. But, as it sits, this is such a moot point my toes curl in derision every time I blink and see any news about it.
I completely agree with all of you meatheads, so why are you protesting in my town? Must be the new way to meet people these days.