Save the bayeta!

Rarely do I get excited about cleaning products, but that was before I met the bayeta. This thing is best described as all that’s awesome in sponge crossed with all that’s awesome in a paper towel minus all that sucks in a regular towel. They’re of a sponge material, but only maybe half a centimeter thick at most.

When I first encountered them, I didn’t that much of them. Of course that’s when I started using them. They wipe up everything. They can have it all get squeezed out and then wipe up some more. That one above is above three months old and used daily.

Sadly, they’re getting harder to find in Spain. At only 1€ or so for a three pack, they would last forever and I guess that’s the problem in that people weren’t buying enough of them. Now, they’re trying to get people to switch over to this newer cloth type thing. And by switch, I mean, they’re trying to not sell the bayeta anymore.