Saturday Morning Shopping

In a nutshell, many people out there shouldn’t do it.
I keep seeing it whenever I go to get groceries on a Saturday morning. There are these people who still look like they’ve got one foot in the bed. They’re having some kind of an ugly morning. Something to the effect that they shouldn’t really be up when they’re up. These people should stay home, maybe have another cup of some kind of caffeine and have another hour or two of sleep. But no, here they are on a Saturday at nine in the morning trolling around the store, attempting to gather their vittles for the week.
There were about three or four such people this morning at Cala Foods (my local Ralph’s distallate) and they didn’t seem to be aware that they were in something of a public space. Their carts were everywhere, their hand baskets swinging wildly, their faces blank. “Oh, I’m sorry, I just wanted some of the ice cream that was on sale.” (I know I shouldn’t, but yeah…) to which their reply is “Huuuuuh?” about a minute after I’ve grabbed by Oatmeal Cookie Crunch and been off with my bad self.
The one that took the cake was the girl who parked her cart long-wise across the aisle. This, in effect left about one half of one foot on either side to walk around. That wasn’t the worst part, since I can easily avoid her cart or move it. The thing that really scared me was the amount of food in her cart, which meant that she had to be driving in order to carry all of that. So, if anyone wonders why a car is parked upside down on the turnstyle for the Powell/Mason cable car line, it’s not because of modern expressionism, it’s due to someone being up far too early on a Saturday morning when she should not have.