Sant Jordi is here again!

Yes, it’s time for La Diada de Sant Jordi, which as this becomes my fifth time to celebrate it (2007, 2008, 2009 I didn’t seem to feel fit to blog about it, and 2010 was in West Africa) I am still shocked to find that it hasn’t taken off in the US. In fact, it’s a complete unknown to people. For a holiday where you need to buy things (books and roses) it would seem that at least booksellers would be aware of it, especially as there is typically no interesting holiday that falls around this time. But no, when buying my selection for #1 Fan, mentioning the holiday drew blank stares from the hipsters at Books Inc.. Mentioning that it happened to purposely coincide with World Book Day only got some placating nods. I guess they needed to go back to “curating” their staff picks. And we wonder why bookstores are going out of business…

This one happens to be a bit of a strange one through given how late in the year Easter is this time around and that this Sant Jordi happens to fall on Black Saturday as noted by this columnist. Will this affect the holiday? Meh, who knows. All that I do know is I’ll continue on my information campaign until someday, in an future in a parallel universe this holiday squashes that lump of turd which is Valentine’s Day.

Check out some coverage from Spain if you’re feeling festive.