Sandwich, my first movie

This was my first venture in to film making back when I was working for Francis Ford Coppola in 2002. I’d actually been there since 1999 and as time was wearing on, the glow of being adjacent to the minimal amount of film production that Zoetrope was doing, was diminishing. Also, despite working in the web department, my boss had somehow negotiated the fact that we needed a Sony VX2000 at our disposal. While we did next to nothing for the websites with it, a number of us working for Coppola did shoot some films on this camera as, at the time, it was the best digital camera on the market and I even bought my own PD-150 (the slightly more expensive DVCAM model) a year later.

The story of this film came about due to a sandwich guy who worked up at Molinari’s in North Beach. He was this blunt, rude, asshole who, in addition to all his personal charm, also couldn’t make a sandwich to save his life. Invariably, despite going to Molinari’s several times a week (their prices were about 1/2 what they are currently) with two co-workers, I would always get this guy who, before learning that his name was Rudy, we simply called, “Dicko”.

I didn’t have a mental breakdown like the protagonist, but I did make a film about the experience, so I’m not sure that that was really much better.