San Francisco Parking Fun

A friend of mine is out of town for a week and during this time, I’ve managed to get her car so that I can practice every single move from Bullitt within the boundaries of what a Ford Focus will allow. You know what I’m talking about, right? I believe that a good deal of this is Focus-able. You only do these things with friends cars when they’re away so that they can only read about on your blog and then shake their heads in disbelief and be thankful they have a low insurance deductible. Ha, ha…
Anyways, I don’t really plan on doing all that much driving, other than seeing how fast I can go down the Filbert Steps or up Lombard Street backwards. So, during the time I’m not being a menace, I have to deal with parking. This is crappy thing to deal with in San Francisco and just in time to make me worry was an article from <atier and Ross about a woman’s parking woes. It really makes you shake your head, but it also teaches an important lesson in that vigilante justice is the only justice that properly works. That and the justice of Chuck Norris.
Have a happy Christmas!

So of course, driving fun comes to an end and the first day I have the car parked for a day, I get a $40 ticket for being parked too long in front of my apartment building. Yee Haw…

San Francisco Parking Fun

4 Replies to “San Francisco Parking Fun”

  1. A-ha!

    Now I see your master plan! I bet you were also the one who also unlocked the tiger’s cage!

    Just leave me with one working side-mirror, ok?

    1. I was actually theorizing that if I hit the working mirror hard enough, it might equalize out the other one and give you two working, albeit smaller mirrors. I’m really getting to experiment this week. I’m just thrilled that at this point I still have no tickets. Keeping my fingers crossed…

    2. It has just been proved that keeping fingers crossed is useless when it comes to tickets, extending the middle finger is much more efficient…

    3. Of course, this goes to show as well that they have indeed stopped chalking tires and are using some new “science fiction shit” when it comes to knowing how long your car has been parked in one spot. Damn you, Science Fiction! You have made DPT unstoppable! Unstoppable!

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