San Francisco Olympic Torch Run: Many Flags, but No Flame

For those who might not possibly have been aware, the Olympic torch was supposed to come and be run through San Francisco today. Given the massive protests and conflict that happened in London and Paris, people were a little concerned as to what might happen in San Francisco, which is probably the most liberal city in the US. The protesters all got ready for a show down on both sides. It was the Tibetan exiles and their supporters, versus the Chinese supporters and well, the Chinese supporters. The first group had to run away from their homeland when the Chinese seized control. The second group will defend this and be very pro-China, which makes me wonder as to why they’re in the US and not China if China is so good?
Anyways, if you feel like unraveling the 300+ posts on Twitter, you can see what happened today. Probably the best summary was on The Chron who said:
…After being hidden in a waterfront warehouse, bused to Van Ness and carried on a surprise route through the Marina to evade protesters, the Olympic torch’s wild journey through San Francisco is over. Closing ceremony moved to SFO [the airport].
I have to hand it to the Chronicle. They really put a lot of effort in to this and the stakes were high because SF is the navel of Citizen Journalism and Swarm Reporting. Yet, they ended up with what seems to be the most complete coverage of this shitzkrieg. Go old media!
But that was the crappy part of all of this. The only people who saw the torch were those guarding it. They kept moving the route around and shifting the plans so that no one knew what was happening. The crowds were just aimless. While you’d want to follow one group because they had just consulted their iPhones and supposedly knew where the flame was going, they were just as clueless as anyone else. It looked like a bunch of sheep running from one street to another and then back until they even canceled the closing ceremony, leaving the thousands who came out to see it really cheated.
I’m sure that both in China and on a national level in the US, this will be seen as a success because there was no attempt to extinguish the flame and no conflict. Go figure. I bet there are no protesters on the plane that they carry the thing on either. Paris and London were 20-30 miles on an established route, whereas SF couldn’t even handle a truncated three mile route.
Overall this was a complete failure and I hope shows badly on Mayor Gavin Newsom who seems more interested in which is the proper striped suit for the occasion as well as his future political career.
San Francisco Olympic Torch Run:  Many Flags, but No Flame