San Francisco Independent Film?

I don’t know the state of film in this town these days. It seems all but dead. You just don’t hear about projects here like you used to. There aren’t any films being shot here anymore, except for the film version of Rent, which I hear is happening on Treasure Island currently. There aren’t any television shows happening here either, even if they’re based here. They’ll just come out and do some establishing shots and then do the rest of it in Los Angeles.
I’m seeing this after the fallout from my movie I shot – Dying in your Sleep, where of the 30 actors that were in it, 25 of them live in or moved to LA since we shot. It’s nutty and no wonder film doesn’t stand a chance here these days. LA seems to have such a strangle hold.
This is one of the reasons that keep doing shameless plugs for my site Cinefuse because it is one of the only ways that we’re going to be able to create things in a non-LA environment some day. Naturally, the film world is a frustrating thing, since so many people don’t really want to get off their asses to make it happen. For some reason, they expect it all to come to them without having to do any work for it. I’ll admit that there are the brief moments in history where this is the case, but overall, anything that anyone has ever achieved in the way of greatness has also come at the cost of a lot of work on their part.
I don’t really know what to say at this point, except that San Francisco is a great place to do outside shots because we have so many overcast days which allow for great diffused lighting that takes a lot of times in a studio or in LA to reproduce.