Don’t ask Google why

I was perusing a site called, Is Google Making Us Dumber and honestly when viewing searchaheads (those dropdown search suggestion boxes) such as this one, it does make one wonder. Of course, the unfortunate facts are that Google really has nothing to do with these. They are based on search algorithms culled from the data of peoples’ searches. So the fact that there is a suggestion Why is Africa so shitty? is pretty depressing because that means there are thousands if not maybe millions of people asking Google that.
Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. If you don’t type the ‘s’ from ‘shitty’ in the search field and just have ‘why is Africa so’, you get an unfortunate array of other options that illicit a rather large sigh which you can see below…
By way of an update from Twitter conversations, it appears that other folks looked in to other regions. “Why is America so” pulls up, “fat, great, violent, obese, stupid, religious” and a number of others. “Why is Europe so” pulls up, “liberal, warm, passionate for soccer, rich” as well as others. Conclusion? These searchaheads must be culled from American searches because the fact that Africa is seen as a hell hole, the US as polemic, and Europe as incredibly fantastic, would draw no other conclusion given the stereotypes common to most Americans. I will actually be in liberal, warm, passionate for soccer Europe in two days and will need to try out the searches from there to see if the results change.
Don't ask Google why