Sad times for higher education

I just read today that it is quite possible that fees for the California State University system will go up to $4,872 a year. This hurts because when I was a student at UC Berkeley it was around $4,200 a year to go there. Now it’s $8,720. This puts a college education out of the reach of great swaths of people as this is just tuition. Books, food, and most importantly, rent, are not included in this cost. Where did we go wrong?
I pretty much blame it on the fact that far too many of us are getting degrees these days. Take me for instance. Why did I go to a top-rated school in the US to get a degree in English Literature and then work as a web developer? I’m not alone. Everyone I meet works in a field that was not their area of study in college. Personally, I didn’t need this degree. All it does for me is to put a line on my resume that says, “Yes, college graduate.” This is pointless because nearly everyone is has this line these days. But yet, we all still keep going to college.
Now we’re at a point where the system is pretty much broke and trying to balance it on the backs of students who in turn go in to debt for tens of thousands of dollars to get a degree that most don’t use. We really need proper college exams here that make it a great deal tougher to get in to college. I guess to some degree the restrictions are indeed being put upon us, but not in a scholarly fashion, just a monetary. Long live the modern corporation approach to education.
Sad times for higher education

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  1. that’s not terribly awful compared to private education. it’s an investment in being able to think and teach yourself systematically more than what you actually learn. if you never use your brain, it atrophies, and so being forced to use it is like training it in a gym for the marathon of life. highly recommend everyone to go through it.

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