Sad, Sad, Movies

A friend of mine went through a crappy breakup with a longterm boyfriend about a year ago. I remember when she was somewhat rebounding from the lowest point of it, she realized that her Netflix queue was full of some rather tragic titles that probably weren’t the best things to be watching given her current frame of mind. Luckily the Netflix system is pretty cool, since you can reorder it however you want and get the Care Bears Movie as your next selection if you need a little pick you up.
I’ve just come off of realizing the same thing with my queue. While I’m not in the depths of a funk (I’m actually in Graz, Austria :) I have realized that my film list has been pretty depressing lately. This was probably doing little to help the anxiety about leaving my trip.
So, what has my queue been? Here it is:

Million Dollar Baby
The Machinist
Richard III (1930’s Civil War version)
Blue (not complete sadness, but no Princess Bride)
Jennifer 8

From there back it gets a bit more pleasant, but I don’t know what I was thinking. Even someone giddy on ritalin and weed would have a hard time taking that list of flicks. Upon my return though, I should have some tasty films to watch though. There is definitely something to be said for the pointless, aimless, dumb movies out there which are just fun to watch.