Sad Goodbyes, Polk-A-Dot. Good Riddance Circuit City.

I’m a big fan of local businesses. Sure, they may cost more than the big, national ones, but the service is usually always better, the profits stay local, and there is accountability in ownership. For this reason, I was sad to see that Polk-A-Dot (on Polk Street of course) closed. Also, for this reason, I was happy to see Circuit City completely close.
In regards to Circuit City, it was as joyous a moment as seeing Bush leave office, to see this horrid store shut down. Their customer service was always horrible. The “salespeople” were only friendly and helpful insofar as it drove their commissions. They were always harassing in their approach and unapologetic in their lack of knowledge about everything in the store. Above and beyond this, Circuit City had pretty bad prices. Sure, there were the loss leaders, but then there was everything else. I always rued the day that I had forgotten to order printer ink, needed to print something really bad, and had to go and buy from them, since printer ink had not commission. Overall, they’re bad, which is the reason that they closed. Sure, they can try and blame the economy, but in reality, they were a poorly run operation that deserved to close; much like the American automakers, who were unfortunately bailed out again.
The glee of CC closing is short lived though as the economic factors that contributed to its demise are the same ones that are rending apart the neighborhoods in San Francisco. Honestly, it’s quite scary to see space upon space go empty. Naturally, in the next six months a good number of these will fill in, but at the same time, this money shift is tearing things apart. Polk-A-Dot is one such victim. While it was more #1 Fan who bought the occasional thing there than me, I appreciate the shop. They carried unique items that weren’t mass produced in China. They sold the work of local artists and most importantly, the shop was owned by folks who lived here and cared about the neighborhood they were in and what they did.
We’ll have to just wait and see how all of this plays out. San Francisco in the coming years is going to be faced with tough challenges to stay unique. Large conglomerates are constantly wanting to come in and set up shop in the town. Thankfully this has been resisted to a large degree as I don’t really give as damn about being able to shop at the same exact stores in whatever world city I’m in. But, a new generation is rising that doesn’t care about such things as much. I watched Chico, CA go the way of the chain store. I only hope that I don’t see the same thing happen with San Francisco.
Well, they’re all cleared out and gone now with a sign that says, “Don’t blame it on the economy, blame it on ourselves.” which is a welcome thing to say as I’m getting really sick of everyone using these “tough times” as an excuse for everything from why there are no jobs to why it’s a pain to wash the laundry.</span
Sad Goodbyes, Polk-A-Dot.  Good Riddance Circuit City.