Saab owners are unique

Whenever I work in the San Francisco office for my company, I walk by a Saab dealership and repair shop. Saabs are funny. They’ve always been a different looking car and I don’t see that changing too much, although they do look quite a bit more like other cars these days than they used to, so who knows. But, what’s more unique than the cars themselves are the drivers. I’ve never seen a group that comes in more shapes and sizes than they do.
For instance, as I was going into my office on a Saturday , there was this woman that had to be about 6’4″ who walked right past me and on in to the Saab dealership. Not really a surprise. Whenever I go there on weekdays, there are guys who where colorful three-piece suits who are picking up their cars. A three piece suit is enough of a novelty these days, but toss into the mental image that the suit is screaming purple and it well, sticks out a little bit to say the least.
Then of course, there are the people that I know who drive Saabs. There’s this one guy at my old office that is an interesting guy. Very literary and well read. He also wears a bowtie on occasion. And there’s a girl at my new office who is just funny and is trying to work two jobs so that she can take two years off from working. It’s a crazy endeavor, but one that’s definitely worthy of a Saab driver.
I’m not sure the connection here, but I’m sure there is one and more so than with any other car, except for Porches and Corvettes which are purely for people who have globs of money, or men having a midlife crisis.