Running Shoes

So, just to get in to it from what I was talking about yesterday, let’s get down with running shoes. That’s a fun one to start with…
The big shoemakers are pretty bad about using sweatshops to produce their wares. I’m not sure if Nike or Reebok is worse, but time and again, they get taken to task over the terrible working conditions that allow most people to buy an overpriced thing to strap on their foot.
I could give a damn what my shoes look like these days. I see these idiot kids lining up at Huf overnight to get the latest shoe that’s coming out. I feel sorry for them. Such slaves to a lousy fashion.
Me on the other hand, I’ve been buying New Balance for years now. They last. They’re sturdy. And most importantly, they don’t eff up my feet and knees. It’s that last point which is really important since it seems that everyone has a screwed up lower body these days.
So, I went down to the store on Sutter Street, laughed at the Huffites and bought myself a pair that seemed to fit and feel good. Once i got home, I was shocked. New Balance are actually made in the USA!!! Whether they’re made in sweatshop conditions or not, remains to be seen, but at least they’re a down home shoe.
The best part is they cost the same or much less than so many Nikes and Reeboks which are made overseas. So, the lesson is, buy New Balance for a running shoe. They’re a better shoe and made here. How can you go wrong?