Rumble, Rumble Bay Area

Man, it seems when we’re not dealing with screwy weather lately, we’re getting hit with earthquakes. We’ve had two decent-sized trembles in the last week alone and then there was the slew of quakes we had at the end of last December. Obviously none of this has been life threatening, but it is still a bit unnerving. The worst part being when they wake you up out of a dead sleep, or if you’re like me and have the same instinct as dogs and cats, you wake up about five seconds before it hits so that you’re completely awake and can’t just brush it off as a bad dream. Fun.
While we obviously can’t predict when these happen, we do have a wonderful site where you can see what happened. As you’ll notice, they have maps for quake prone Los Angeles as well. Fun!
While that shows what happens, what is an actual quake like? Well, lemme tell you. First there’s this boom that usually hits which you might mistake for a big truck going by outside. But then there’s this wavy kind of swirling around that happens and you just sit there hoping it will stop soon and that this isn’t The Big One. Of course, I’m not usually too worried, I just go for my bed. Bed? Yes, bed. You see, doorways are great and all that, but they’re still part of the building that could possible crumble (mine was actually reinforced seismically about ten years ago.) My bed is something like a boat or maybe aeven an Arc if I felt like positing a delusion of grandeur. I hand built it from raw two by sixes, using one by threes for the crossmembers and reinforced with two by fours across those. I just plan to ride down on it and my mattress to safety and then have a nice place to sleep when we’re all naturally homeless after said Big One.
And just in case you were wondering, my Bed Project was a reactionary bit to seeing this piece of IKEA junk and thinking, yes, I can build it stronger, better, and cheaper. I forgot to think heavier as well since it weighs in at about 250 pounds. Still, you ain’t riding IKEA to safety when all is said and done.