Rumble, Rumble

First of all, Happy Halloween, I’m staying inside. San Francisco is going to be a bit sketchy tonight with the Castro shutdown and all. For those of you that never made it there while the parties were happening, you missed little. In recent years, it’s just gangbanger thugs running around drunk and causing problems, like shooting nine people last year. It’s actually a good thing to be shutting it down I think. That party (and most others) have seen their good times die due to the current trends in culture.
But on an unrelated note that’s actually much more important, we have a whopping good earthquake here yesterday. The effects of the 5.6 were much more pronounced 50 miles away at the epicenter, but as we were sitting in bed chatting about this and that, everything started to do that swirly bit that happens when an earthquake hits. A lot of people don’t realize this and they think that an earthquake is this up and down jarring motion you see on when these things are in films or recorded. In reality that look is the cameraman shaking the camera. To know what a real earthquake is like, try getting out of a waterbed when you’re drunk. If you’re saying, “Yes, but I did that last Friday night and it really didn’t feel like an earthquake”, try it again, but without the tequila shots.
Thankfully, this caused little damage to us here, as we build for these things. It was however a little bit of a wakeup call. This was the strongest trembler we’ve had since the big 1989 earthquake. For those who have gotten complacent, the Red Cross has been promoting a serious “Be Prepared” campaign to get people to remember that we do indeed live on top of live earth, which some builders still refuse to acknowledge.
Rumble, Rumble

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  1. It makes me anxious to see that building that they are building in SF that you can see when you are getting on the 80. Unless they have some special Star Trek devices, or new engineering that the builders are very, very confident in, a skyscaper like that is going to fall in an SF quake.

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