Rockin’, Rollin’, Shoe Tyin’

Weirdest thing this morning. As I’m sitting at my living room window having some breakfast and checking out the scene below, this guy comes out of his apartment building across the street. From the first glance, I could tell there was something up with him and I was right.
Just as the door closes, he does this little dance move and kind of spins around. He stops, looks down, sees his shoes are untied, and does another spinning move that drops him down so he can tie his shoes. Once the shoes are done, he jumps straight up and then over as he does a hand plant on the ground and snaps himself back. Once upright, it’s on to some moves that look like they’re out of an iPod commercial.
He starts walking up the street, doing his little dance number to himself (he has no headphones on by the way.) I thought he was just going to keep rockin’ and rollin’ the dance nation act to far off lands, but I was wrong as he popped in to the coffee shop next to his building.
Definitely one of the more interesting ways I’ve seen to greet the day, as I can barely haul my ass to gym in the morning. I suppose I’m a little envious of dance nation.