Robbie Williams: Dreamy yet Evil

For those in the US, there’s this guy named Robbie Williams who has been on fire in Europe for years. His lovey ballads, sweet voice, and good looks have been charming the ladies across the pond to no end. I have no idea why he never caught on in the US, since the US likes pop music just like anyone else, but as is such, he has not. Okay, like whatever, no harm done.
Ah, but then there was this song of his called, “Feel” or something like that. It was über popular when it came out a couple of years ago and it seems that it has never really let up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the song. It’s not something I’d listen to that much personally, but it’s okay. The problem is that it keeps following me everywhere I go, through different towns, and different countries in Europe. You remember that scene in that abysmal Spielberg film, Minority Report, where Tom Cruise walks around with his new eyes and he keeps getting identified everywhere? Well, it’s something like that and when each radio recognizes me, it immediately switches to “Real Love” to try and woo me over to the side of The Williams.
Seeing as how this is either myself to blame or an evil conspiracy by The Williams, I would like to now apologize to Europe as a whole for this. I don’t mean to keep having this song repeat everywhere I go and I promise, I’ll soon leave your countries so that you can go back to listening to Take That, or Pussycat Dolls, or whatever. This was never my intention to cause anyone any harm and I’ll be back in the US soon where The Williams can’t reach me anymore and y’all will have back some new pop music.
Robbie Williams: Dreamy yet Evil

5 Replies to “Robbie Williams: Dreamy yet Evil”

    1. And after you’ve tried that, as they say on the BBC in the interests of balance, many other Robbie Williams fansites are available. Should you wish to learn more than just ‘Robbie Is God’.

    2. Hmm, no, I’m not really all that in to seeing more Robbie actually. This was just kind of a fluke thing. These posts feel almost spammy for some reason though.

    3. There’s nothing ‘spammy’ about these posts!
      Robbie Williams is amazing in everyway. We love him down here in Australia too. Do yourself a favour USA and watch one of his concerts on DVD and you will know why the rest of the world is hooked on this green eyed man. :)

    4. Well, once again, I’m shocked that the US hasn’t really gotten in to him considering how big he is outside the US. He’s not my type of music, although all my family in Europe seems to love him.

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