Rigo: A study in dachshund-ocity

“It had been a wonderful day at the beach.” my mother in-law told me. “Carles and I were enjoying the sun, the waves, and some general quiet time. Of course, when we got home, we found that Rigo hadn’t approved our our going to the beach and leaving him.” So it is with #1 Fan‘s family dachshund. He is in many ways a typical dachshund (head strong, sausage-y, etc.) but in other ways he has his own personality.

He showed this to no small degree when, while my in-laws were at the beach, sunning it up, he decided to eat a hole in his doggie bed that they’d left in the hall for him. Upon returning, they found that he was wearing the bed like a shell with his head sticking out of the hole. That is just one of his many great talents.

Another is fetching tennis balls, although “fetch” may be the wrong word as if he gets one in his mouth, he does his damnedest to destroy it. They’re like an addiction to him and while dogs have less color acuteness than humans, he knows that green color of the balls like nothing else. Upon seeing it or merely whispering the word, “pilotas” (balls) he goes apeshit.

Also in the apeshit department is meat as in he loves it more than he loves any of his owners. Rigo’s predecessor, “Black” (no, not “negro” but “black”, guess what color he was) was a more regal dachshund to be sure, but his main area of culinary intensity was cheese, especially if creamy. Not Rigo. If it’s meat and especially if it’s grilled meat, he’s crazy about it. Fish too for that matter. I’m convinced that salmon is served in Hell’s waiting room, but not Rigo. It’s like a hit of cocaine to the bugger.

It’s not to say that he isn’t without his faults. He’s sorta goofy looking with this huge head and paws or as my mother in-law says, “mal parit” or “badly made”. And of course, he gets away with murder as he’s incredibly cute. I mean, just look at that face above or here, here, here, or a this youthful shot. I can’t say no to that and I dare you to try.