Ride that tractor, own that flag

For those who don’t study that thing called history, there was a point in Catalonia where you were either Catalan, Spanish, or Catalan trying to hide the fact you’re Catalan by seeming to be Spanish. Well, there were actually many such periods, but the one I’m referring to was most of the 20th century. That third group sucked a large wad of turd. Calling them sell-outs is a bit generous as they saw their heritage as a people who were rooted in peasantry despite the fact that the concept of the country of Spain is something of a joke as it’s made up of former kingdoms that all existed long before it.

Anyways, long history lesson short, there are many Catalans who toss up a botifarra and embrace all implied aspects to said peasantry. As you can see above this was just one dude in a recent tractor parade in a village called Salitja. To say that he wears that tractor like a second skin would be like saying that flag isn’t Spanish.