Review of the Sony Ericsson T616

This is a nifty cellphone that I spent too much money on to buy. It is very similar to the T610, except I believe that model is US only.
It’s cool because it is a worldphone that can be used anywhere in, well, the world when you buy a plan or simcard there. It also has a very nice color screen and polyphonic ringtones which give you a lot of different options, unlike the normal beeps that most cellphones have. The buttons are nice and easy to use. It also has a joystick for navigating the menus. It has other features I’m not too crazy about like a camera (which does take good shots for a camera of this type.)
The sound quality is fantastic. It is very clear and easy to hear. In that department, it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned.
Standby time is great. I regularly get 4-5 days. Talk time isn’t amazing, probably somewhere around 3 hours.
Its bad points are that it has some importnat buttons on the side of the phone, like the volume control, which, if you don’t lock the buttons and put it in your pocket, will get bumped and pressed, usually decreasing your earpiece volume. Also, you absolutely must luck the buttons when it’s in your pocket, or you’ll inadvertantly call people.
One feature request that would have been nice would have been to allow you to group your phone book. While I have been reduced to using voice commands, or scrolling through many numbers, I miss the grouping ability that my Siemens S40 had.
Oh, don’t get the phone thinking that wireless web will be a breeze. That has to be one of the most trying things to get working correctly and Cingular phone people are little help.
Overall, it’s a great phone if you’re into the latest and greatest, but probably not the best phone if you just want a phone. It is very portable and small though, even with the large screen.