Review of Palomino

I recently had a nice dinner at Palomino in San Francisco. I have to admit though, that the best two parts of the meal were the view and the fact that it was free.
I suppose that this is, in essence, an Italian restaurant south of Market on the Embarcadero. My meal wasn’t really what I would call Italian though, since I had a steak. Of course, this was started by a salad and ended by tiramisu. As one of my dining companions noted, who is an Italian chef by birth, that what we had was truly not tiramisu. I don’t really know what real tiramisu is, since I’ve probably ahd 15-20 different versions at various restaurants, both Italian and otherwise.
Overall though, I wasn’t terribly thrilled by the meal. It was fine, but the salad was small and lacking in anything very unique. The steak had fatty areas in it, but was decently flavored. And the desert was sweet, but was lacking in any kind of coherence as to what it was, kind of inviting the theory that a pile of sugar was having an identity crisis.
The one thing that was truly great was the wine list, from which I managed to kick back two bottle of Grgich Hills Zinfandel. It was a nice varietal to drink while watching the rain pound outside with the Bay Bridge as a back drop.
I’d give it two stars out of four. For a good contrast, I’d recommend Cafe Tiramisu in Belden Place, which doesn’t ahve the view of Palomino, but has never let me don’t on the wonderful quality of the meals, desert and service. It also happens to be cheaper than Palomino.