Review of America – The Book

This book, written by Jon Stewart and the staff of the Daily Show is without a doubt, one of the funniest book I have ever read. The craft of the jokes and the depth of the humor are far-reaching and some of the most brilliant lines of text ever put to print.

First off, the format of the whole book is in that of a grade school textbook. There is even a note in the table of contents for the first chapter about how one of your activities is going to be trying to keep the book open as many of us probably remember from grade school when we got a new book. There are also little side notes that you have to read, chapter inserts you have to read, and accompanying graphics that you have to read. There’s an amazing amount to read and you can’t skip a word of it, since it’s going to make you laugh your ass off.

Probably one of the highlights that I particularly loved was the part comparing the age of a democracy to the stages in the human life. I can’t think of anything smarter than how this is done and how it ties in to your democracy (we happen to be in old age by the way.)

You can’t really beat it and you should get a copy if you haven’t already. You’ll just need to make sure that you read anything that is text in it, since you’ll be missing jokes if you don’t.