Revenge of Franck

So, fresh on the heels of my pleasureable tea experience in Ljubljana, comes the confrontation of Franck again. Oh Franck, how I hate you so much.
But, as I was looking at my cup I was having in Maksimir Park over the weekend (beautiful place by the way), I realized that it was not the fault of this poor unsuspecting bag. It started life on a bush, growing and happy. It was plucked, shipped and then ended up in a bag in Zagreb. It is innocent, just the victim of circumstances.
I realize now that it must be the near-total mob control of tea distribution in Croatia that has led to this disaster. Franck is like the Starbucks of this land. They sniff out any who deviate from the norm and muscle them in being part of the “Franck Family”. I see no other way for this to make sense. You see Franck signs everywhere.
Maybe someday this will change and better tea will be brought forth to the country, especially if they join the EU. Until then, Franck will continue its stranglehold on this poor, unsuspecting country.
You know, to be honest, it is not as bad as I remember. It is still crap, just not as bad a crap. I guess I will go and raise its rating in the tea area.