Return of the Shelf Toilet. Hello Advertising Urinal!

Return of the Shelf Toilet.  Hello Advertising Urinal!

I wrote previously about an encounter with the shelf toilet and how I was quite disturbed by the matter and the realization of how this toilet worked. There’s no need to go back in to it, but if you’re curious, read the link. I give the goods in there.

Needless to say, I knew that that wasn’t the last I’d see of Mister Shelf, so naturally, when making a quick stop to a restroom at a cafe in Budapest, I ran in to my old friend again. I was perturbed. I was confused. I was scared. I took a photo of course. Countries should really put down a mandate to get rid of these things. They weird me out even more than the restroom in the N’Djili Airport in Kinshasa, Congo, which has to be the most sordid room I’ve ever made the mistake of entering.

But while the Shelf is getting to be a somewhat common encounter throughout my Eastern European journeys, one item I ran in to was even stranger still, which was the Advertising Urinal. I encountered this new bastion of marketing in the restroom in a mall near Moscow Square in Budapest. At first, it doesn’t seem all that strange, but once it detects your presence, it lights up a message on top of the urinal. It’s a wee bit unnerving. If an establishment must, putting advertising on the wall above the urinal is one thing. Putting said advertising with back lighting on top of the urinal is something altogether different and unholy. I have no idea how this came about and I hope that it stops where it is lest fleets of illuminated urinals spread forth across the Western World. Watch out ladies, or the backlit toilet dispenser will be next.

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  1. The the “Advertising Urinal” advertising it’s technology because it works without water and energy so it’s not wasting anything…

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