Repeat after me: Kabbalah, Kabbalah, Kabbalah

So, it appears that to make people latch on to fad religions these days, the media will just repeat the name of it so much, that you forget any content about it. For instance, with Kabbalah, I’ve had it explained to me several times and after each time, someone explains it to me, I just sit there with a blank, dumb look on my face that passes back into my normal look for awhile, only then to pass back into that dumb look when someone tries to explain it again.
I can tell you this for a fact though, Madonna, Guy Ritchies, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and a whole bunch of others are into it. So, who the hell cares? The media, because they’ve got a word they can’t pronounce right and they like that. They like it because each time they say it, it sounds like something differenent and since most people can’t remember what the hell its about, they can repeat the same content again and again.
I guess you just grin and bear it when it comes to this kind of stuff. Personally, the whole Kwawallab thing is less annoying to me than Atkins people who run around praising it so much, when they don’t realize that if you starved yourself you’d get the same results.
Seems that it always comes down tot he fact that the less secure you are in your beliefs and ideas, they more you need to proselytize them to everyone else. This is probably the reason I admire the Buddhists more than anyone else, since if you tell them their religion is ridiculous, they’ll just agree with you and be on their way. The always don’t run around trying to get people to covert… at least not the true practitioners. There’s always some goober in San Francisco, Berkeley, or Arcata that tries to get you to join something that you really aren’t part of. But, once again, it comes down to a lack of security in your beliefs, because once the pot clears out of that guys system, man is he gonna have a mind screw.