Remote Exploration

It’s really amazing and pretty cool that the Mars Rovers have been scooting around the surface of the red planet for over a year now. I don’t know if they learned a lot from the first one or just got lucky, but whatever they did this time around, they certainly did it right and while they’ve only covered a couple of kilometers of the surface, that’s quite an accomplishment considering the millions of miles away that they are from us.
I just find it funny and possibly a little bit sad that we’re probably going to end up mapping most of Mars with remote control cars. While I certainly have nothing against the technology involved, I just find it to be more engaging when driving them around a mini racetrack.
In the end, I’ll take it as it is and by happy about it. Any kind of space exploration is good space exploration, unless of course Starbuck’s looking to found a new outlet, but keep an eye out, ya hear?