Remodeling The Nest

Today in the Chronicle was an article that I found most interesting being that I’m a renter in San Francisco and I like to have a nice place surrounding me. To summarize, the article talks about people who invest money in to their apartments they rent and do a bit of remodeling work to spruce them up. I’m in much the same state of mind and when you’re a bit of a homebody and your spouse is one too, then it’s money well spent.
For a quick rundown, I think that the things I’ve done to this place that I rent month-to-month include putting in new curtains, putting in a good pedestal sink in the bathroom, putting in all new ceiling lights, and re-wiring the phone jack so that it’s in a place that’s actually convenient. There are probably a couple of other items in there that I’m forgetting, but all told, it’s been at most $1,000 spent. Yes, that seems like a lot, but over 2 1/2 years, it really isn’t. And that amount is even lower when you consider that it’s about 1/5 of one month of a house payment in the Bay Area. So, when you think of it in those terms, it’s really quite a deal.
Sure, friends ask me why I waste money doing this to a place I don’t own. To which I reply, because it makes it feel like mine. It also adds to your quality of life and makes things better for your mental health when you have the most incredible place with the most incredible woman in the world to come home to. And no, I’m not going to stop. I think that once we’re back from Europe, we’re going to paint the rooms as well. We’re fortunate in that the rooms aren’t standard, “Landlord White” and have been relatively tastefully done in a nice cream with white trim. Even still, having a lush earth tone bathing the living room would be fantastic. But for right now, it’s going to be about the day dreams and dealing with the reality of this in a months once back from, The Europe.