First off let me say how thrilled I am not to have television at home right now. All the 9/11 stuff would be driving me nuts. I saw the first time. I watched the hell out of the coverage. I was blown away. It’s five years later. We all need to move on. The Onion has a great article about the “Memorial Hole” if you want something to soften your mood about all of it.
I pity everyone who is going to have to be subjected to Bush’s mumbling crap speeches. Lord I can’t even stand the sight of that man anymore and I think a lot of his party are feeling the same way. And this is something that’s interesting because while this event is pretty much what most think has kept the Repubs in power so long, the timing of this memorial date ain’t gonna do anything for them in the mid-term elections. By this time in November (almost two months to the day) people are going to completely forget about anything that’s said.
Anyways, that’s my .02 on it. Let’s move on and fix our image and effect on the rest of the world so that things like this don’t happen again.