Regent Palace Hotel

The English language has developed quite a lot over the last thousand years or so, only to come to one word which describes the Regent Palace Hotel in London on Glass House Street and that word is “shithole”. Essentially, the only resaon to stay in this hotel is due to its proximity to everything that is for the tourist in London. It is literally right on Picadilly Circus, which is good and bad. It’s good because there are countless theatres, museums, and sights within a ten minute walk. It’s bad because Picadilly is freakin’ noisy. It’s also bad because the Picadilly Tube is probably one of the most popular and you’re going to be jostling your way through a lot of folks to get in and out of the tube.
Now, the rooms seem to run from sorta decent to downright crap. My first room was of the later. If you stepped certain places in the shower, this black stuff would flake out of it. Also the shower, toilet and what they call a “private bath” is something of a joke since it is the size of an airplane bathroom and has literally been wedged in to the room.
After complete fear of our first room (we didn’t even want to take off our shoes) we asked if we could be moved. It turns out of you ask for something quiet on one of the higher floors, it gets a little better, but only slighty. The rooms are still pretty grungy, although by European standards I suppose they’re liveable, especially since you won’t be spending much time in them as I’d assume you’d be bopping around London. The sheets are clean, but the covers are worn and funky to say the least.
Overall, I’d say this is the place you want to stay if you’re looking for something somewhat affordable (which there really isn’t in London), want to be near the center of town, and don’t mind the experience of riding in an elevator that feels like being in a milk carton bouncing down an aluminum roof gutter. If you want something more quiet, cleaner and better for your money, stay out in Notting Hill. If you do insist on staying at this dump, as for a room in the “Well Area”. Those are apparently the better rooms, but that is a relative thing.