Rebirth of the Tunnel

I got sick of the old design. It was a free thing I did about two years ago for Ludovic at Tunnel Top are something of a payment for letting me use the place to shoot my film there. It was supposed to be kind of retro, but it just sorta ended up blow-blow. Well, I take that back. it served it’s purpose for its day, but that was about it. It was one page and didn’t have all that much going on.
So, I redesigned it. Now that I have the time and ability to work on such things, it looks a helluva lot better. Check it out at There’s more going on with the new design, including something of an interactive photo section as well as more info and a better presentation. You’ll notice that it is designed for a much wider format screen than before. That’s because I found out in my stats log that less than 5% of the people viewing it required it to be less than 800 pixels wide, so I thought, screw it, let’s make something wide for once, as I’m usually playing it safe most of the time. It is San Francisco folks that are viewing this for the most part and we’re pretty computer-laden here with larger screens than the general statistics. Of course, with that come about 10-15% Apple use compared to 3% nationally, so while you can stretch wide, you gotta test for Mac.