Really? A Cup Of Brown Joy?

America is a coffee country because of the shit that went down in 1773. After that later 18th century date, drinking coffee was seen as more American because it was less British. Just as drinking tea was seen as more British because it was less American. And it’s not so much that I mind coffee, but more that I mind this brown turd water in a paper cup that people generally try to pass off as coffee here. Give me a proper Italian espresso or cappuccino, or maybe a Bosnian Coffee and I’m okay with that. There’s flavor. There’s something to it. It’s not bitter water that I’m just trying to choke down for the sake of a jolt.
So, as originally seen here, this is the only “glory” that I get when it comes to being a tea drinker. Teacore rap really does little to make my drink of choice any tougher, but it does make me wanna shout, “Assam! Lovely!”

One Reply to “Really? A Cup Of Brown Joy?”

  1. What you are saying in disguise is “Hail Dutch Indies Trade” and “Hail British trade with India.” One of the biggest widgets of trade being Indian tea.

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