Off to Côte d’Ivoire

For the first half of this year, I’ll be based in Côte d’Ivoire. I’m really quite excited and am looking forward to working with the local tech and blogger scene in the country, which is quite strong and with some really talented people.
While I’ve been to Congo and Ghana before, this will allow me a longer time to dig in to the local scene and hopefully be able to promote the projects that others are working on such as those in the Akendewa organization. Also, I’ll be able to attend some really great events like the upcoming BarCamp Abidjan. This is also going to give me the chance to break out of the chicken-scratch mode of French that I don’t really speak and to properly learn the language once and for all as it’s pretty imperative that if you want to work on pan-African projects, you really need to be bilingual in English and French. Plus, it will make me seem far fancier than I actually am.
While there, I’ll still be toiling away on Maneno and working with others to expand the architecture. There are a lot of great elements in the Alloco release, but the next one, Fufu is going to allow a great deal of external customization and more URL hosting options. Plus, we should be working to promote more BlogCamps in the region to get more people online and writing.
Most importantly, it will be great to get out of the cold, dreary days that California has had recently and dig in to a plate of Alloco (loved the Ghanaian version), as well as hopefully some of those beans in a red red, which I simply can’t eat enough of, although I’m as to a loss of what it’s called in Côte d’Ivoire or if it even exists.
So, while I’ll be spending most of my time up in Abengourou, if you pass through there or Abidjan, let me know. I’d be happy to meet up for a bière.

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  1. Wow! Luck you! :)

    Have a wonderful time. Look forward to your updates. Bon voyage!

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