Rain Good

Any kind of water that falls from the sky in heavy abundance is a great thing in San Francisco. In between rain storms, this town gets pretty filthy. A wonderful testament to former Mayor Willie Brown and his squandering of city resources during the dot-com boom.
It is amazing though, how much junk, grime, and other unwanted crumbs of society fall down to and get pounded in to the pavement. There’s the one spot on Broadway outside one of the nameless strip clubs that is a rather interesting myriad patten of round spots. It’s interesting that is, until you realize that these are all blobs of gum that people have spit to the ground, which have created a new, weatherproof layer to the concrete. Obviously things like this aren’t going to get washed away by the kind of sudden downpour we had this morning, but it does go a long way to gather up all the other scraps that appear and flush them out of the city. It also does a nice job of cleaning up the “Pigeon Perch” by the Powell Street Bart/Muni exit, which they normally have to wash with a high-pressured water cannon once a week.
There are of course problems with this deluge of life-giving water. You get clogged drains, people suddenly stranded, and a wealth of other problems, but the net effect is a wonderfully clean smell to the concrete and steel that just makes you take a deep breath in and not not have it tickle your lungs in a slightly disturbing way.