Quotes as of Late

For those who may have been wondering, the little “nuggets” that appear to the left on each page are things I’ve seen at various states of sobriety. They however do not hold a candle to two gems I recently heard when out and about in SF.
I was riding the 27 Line up from 9th and Bryant. A jaunty EQ3 outing had afforded me with a new center table. While the 27 kinda sucks because it takes a long time to get anywhere and goes straight through the Loin, it’s also pretty convenient to me. So, as we’re going through the Loinier part of things this woman gets on. She looked hard and what I mean by that, I think she could have rolled me if she wanted. There was a street-craze to her that made her stink of danger. Naturally, she sits behind me. She starts talking to herself. It was nonsense at first, but coherent sentences started rolling out eventually, the best one being, “Mother fucker’s say I got psychological problems? I ain’t got no psychological problems!” Never in the history of its misuse has a double negative been more appropriate.
Later in the day, I’m walking up Taylor to Bush and these very, well… gay guys were walking down wearing very brightly striped clothing that only they could possibly even dream of attempting to make work. One says to the other with all earnesty, “I mean, you know, it’s just so hard to be fabulous all the time, you know?” I feel this way everyday when I figure out which sweats are clean enough to wear.
That’s San Francisco. You gotta stay on your toes to hear the good things.