Puggery in the Park. San Francisco’s Pug Sunday

Puggery in the Park.  San Francisco's Pug Sunday

For some reason, I hadn’t heard about Pug Sundays (old site gone, take a look at this coverage) at Alta Plaza Park before. This comes as a surprise to me as I live in San Francisco, love dogs, and really love pugs due to their adorable ugliness. I mean, I had heard about and accidentally stumbled upon the Chihuahua Cha Cha sometime back and I don’t even really like those Hilton Handbag dogs. So, I was thrilled to finally check out the Pug Sunday yesterday.

Damn, that’s a lot of pugs there. #1 Fan wisely bought some treats before we went there, because without treats you are basically an inanimate object to a pug. With treats, you are their new best friend and they will downright molest you once word gets out that you’re dealing the doggy version of crack.

The biggest reason the event is fun is because you get to enjoy all the fun of owning a pug without all the annoyance of owning a pug, because honestly, they’re quite needy little buggers. But, letting a pile of them run around in these insane little puggicanes is a good time, since they just start spiraling out of control as a group for no reason at any time.

Of course the setting is great as well. This park (which happens to be a direct line of sight from where the Cha Cha happens) is a great setting. The park grounds are nice, but they also affords views of the bay and lovely San Francisco homes around it. It’s a good walk and a good time. If you’re ever sitting around San Francisco in the afternoon of the first Sunday of the month, stop on by and prepare for the attack of the pugs. I uploaded a gallery for those wanting to see my view of the mayhem.

PS – Someone should really create a new page for the event. That one I link to is supposedly “official” but it hasn’t been updated since 2002, which basically makes it either dead or the website of a pension on the coast of Croatia.

4 Replies to “Puggery in the Park. San Francisco’s Pug Sunday”

  1. Man, you guys are lucky to live in SF. The AP park was one of my favorite things about Ana’s old neighborhood in SF.

    1. Hey, you could live in SF too! Anybody can! There’s plenty of space! Wait, there’s not. Right…

    2. i have 3 pugs and i would like to know if the pug sunday is still going on.i cannot find any info.we live in sonora.ca,and would love to take the pugs to the city.please let me know if you are able to find any info on the next gathering.the pugs would really appreciate it too.pugsley,daisey,and chloe.

    3. As far as I know, it is still going on. The website was never updated, even when I went, but it seems that people still meet on the first Sunday of the month at the park and it’s pretty cool, even for those of us who just come to observe the Puggie madness. The July one might be a bit light though as it is the 4th. Still, it’d be an excuse to come in to the City and watch the fireworks if the fog plays nice…

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