Public Transit Woes

Friday was not a good day for me on the public transit systems of my fair city. First, I decided to go to my “local” Trader Joe’s. It’s just a little less than two miles each way there and I spent maybe 15 minutes in the actual place, but for some reason, this adventure took a little over two hours. I should have just walked. I would have ben done faster. Secondly, I was at a friend’s house in the Near East Bay for a party, when I left to catch the Bart only to come in to the station as my train was pulling out, leaving me there for 20 minutes until the next one. Just a day of bad luck.
One silver lining is that I found my new hero in the form of a bus driver on the 38 Line. She would bust people for using expired transfers. She would tear ass down Geary like she was in a Mini. But the best part in all of it was that a group of about 10 girls rushed the back doors of the bus to avoid paying. While they got on, the driver noticed. She actually got out of her seat, went back and scorned all of them until they got off. It’s one of the rare instances where I saw A) A bus driver actually giving a damn and B) my fellow riders complimenting a driver for taking charge. If only they all good be like this we’d probably make more money in transit and the system would be a hell of a lot more easy to ride. So, to wherever you are (probably screaming at a guy trying to bring a clothes rack on the bus) I salute you hard core, by the book, bus driver woman.