Proper Shaft Etiquette

The folks down the shaft a floor or two have started to pose something of a problem for me. While I’ve come to terms with the fact that their apartment is lacking most of its rooms and they live in or near their bathroom most of the time, I’ve started to wonder how I can know of them as more than those folks down the shaft.
It’s gotten to the point of being more than a simple meet and greet. For one thing, I just don’t know what they look like. Much like myself, they take the elevator to go down and I have no idea if people that I meet in the lobby are them. Then if I did actually meet them and get to know them, there would be the issue of what to say. “Hi, how are you, our bathroom windows are really close to one another.” or “Oh hi, how was that restaurant I heard you leaving for the other night?” is just kind of a weird thing to get in to.
Maybe it’s best left alone, although they seem like interesting people. You feel a kinship to those you get to know via their words that drift up through a conduit that was originally meant only for the passage of foul air. When we start to hijack this square tunnel of metal for other purposes, it doesn’t really mean that it takes on these responsibilities with great aplomb and thusly you’re left with the situation I am in. It’s a great wondering as to whether these disembodied voices will ever mate with a face that I can can glibly pretend I’ve never met in the hall one day. Or at the very least I can maybe explain that while they may know it or not, they’re the featured MC’s on the inherent architectural Public Address system of our building. Ah, forget about it. Back to editing “Taste”.